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Print to Web Technology

Join the network of newspapers that are extending the reach of print ads and driving new revenue to their bottom line. Powered by LEAP platform, this turnkey technology drives traffic and engages advertisers with interactivity and local results. Publishers schedule a demo and we will show you how others are building new revenue streams using City Media technology.

Leading in Local Advertising powered by our LEAP (local engagement and advertising) platform revolutionizes advertising at the local level. We make it easy and simplify every step: from ad creation and targeting to distribution through our optimized platform. Never before has it been possible to reach local consumers so efficiently. 

Digital Network

Our digital media network is made up of independent media operators (newspaper, radio and online) in over 200 communities across Canada. We can assist advertisers of all sizes (local, regional and national) to target their online campaign to a specific market - right down to the postal code.

Mobile and Web Development

We specialize in custom content management systems and e-commerce using open source technology. This includes multimedia and adaptive options for content on all platforms including social media. We believe all development MUST include a responsive mobile component. Our focus is on building results.

Our Network

Our Network

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City Media is a team of media and technology professionals with years of both media and online experience. Since our inception in 2006, City Media has proven results with a loyal and rapidly growing client base among both corporate and owner-operated newspapers across Canada.

Our focus is on helping our clients effectively use social media and to make it easy to manage social media content from one dashboard.

We understand content and the importance of having a multiplatform strategy. Our goal is to ensure the viewer has the best experience regardless of what platform they choose to consume the content.

Customer engagement is the Holy Grail to selling online. It's more of an art than a science to provide customers what they are looking for when they want it. This includes a seamless transaction, customer support and more information when and where the customer needs it!

Over 200 markets to choose from our network of local markets makes it easy to target customers online. We can zero in on a postal code if you want! We offer custom content for each market and a one bill, one buy solution that streamlines your digital advertising campaign. Most importantly we guarantee targeted views and results.

We think you find our no-nonsense approach to generating results refreshing. Our focus is always on our clients and what they want to accomplish. We uncomplicated the digital world and let you focus on your business.

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Our Team

  • Katherine Haine

    Katherine Haine

    President and CEO

  • Brad Brothers

    Brad Brothers

    Software and Web Product Development

  • Marilyn Buggy

    Marilyn Buggy

    Social Media Specialist

  • Jose Arriola

    Jose Arriola

    Social Media Specialist

  • Ana Sandoval

    Ana Sandoval

    Social Media Specialist

  • Biljana Kruljevic

    Biljana Kruljevic

    Content Curator and Customer Service

  • Randy DaSilva

    Randy DaSilva

    Content Curator and Customer Service

  • German Gutierrez Sanin

    German Gutierrez Sanin

    Strategic Advisor

  • Guy Jarvis

    Guy Jarvis

    Strategic Advisor

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