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FREE Digital Health Check helps businesses gain a better understanding of how they are doing online! 

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Now, more than ever, local businesses need to understand how customers view your business online! Can they find you? What's your online reputation like? Who is talking about you on Social Media? How do you rank against your competitors? Answers to these questions make up your digital footprint and paint a picture of your business. [...]

The Great American Takeout Initiative

by in Events, Social Media is pleased to support campaigns similar to this one. The Great American Takeout Initiative is an example of a coalition of national and regional eateries who launched a new campaign called the Great American Takeout–set for Tuesday, March 24–in a bid to support the struggling restaurant industry, which has been particularly hard-hit by the […]

Google Disables Reviews Amid Covid 19

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This announcement was posted Friday (March 20, 2020) by Google as part of the effort to contend with coronavirus and its impact on businesses. Google has determined that at this time, they will disable the ability to leave new reviews, reply to reviews, and post new Question and Answer content. This announcement was posted Friday […]

Here’s how to generate leads on Facebook

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This formula captured 2,000+ qualified leads, at $12 a pop, in under two months for us. Use the Lead Generation campaign. This format autofills the submission form with the prospect’s data. No work equals more conversions. Use past lead Facebook conversion data to create a lookalike audience. Facebook is familiar with the data and will [...]

Why we partner?

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Partnering makes both companies stronger. We benefit from the reach of your trusted brand in the market and our partners can offer high-quality solutions to their clients. One of the largest benefits is scaling. These white-label solutions allow you to scale your business in many ways, fast and securely. Scale your offering. By leveraging white and private label [...]

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