Here’s how to generate leads on Facebook

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This formula captured 2,000+ qualified leads, at $12 a pop, in under two months for us. Use the Lead Generation campaign. This format autofills the submission form with the prospect’s data. No work equals more conversions. Use past lead Facebook conversion data to create a lookalike audience. Facebook is familiar with the data and will [...]

Why we partner?

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Partnering makes both companies stronger. We benefit from the reach of your trusted brand in the market and our partners can offer high-quality solutions to their clients. One of the largest benefits is scaling. These white-label solutions allow you to scale your business in many ways, fast and securely. Scale your offering. By leveraging white and private label [...]

White Label Will Make You More Competitive!

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Here's a thought—you don't need to be an expert on every marketing tactic in order to sell it. That's why white label solutions exist. Let's back it up a bit... As an agency or media owner, it's hard to do everything especially when it comes to digital. Websites, reputation, social media, brand—how do you keep pace [...]

50 Shocking stats about Online Reputation Management

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People are talking about you… about your business… about your clients and their businesses. And when they do, they are talking online. Are you on top of what’s being said online about you? On Facebook and Twitter, on Yelp, Google and beyond, your reputation is being shaped online. Often, a potential customer’s first impression is [...]

Do you want to make your social media presence the best it can be?

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Every great social media strategy requires a plan, but who has the time to write a long-winded planning document that requires updating every year? Now you can plan each post strategically with this all-in-one checklist, the checklist that will help you cover all of your bases. What’s included in the Ultimate Social Media Checklist? Post […]

Want to close new business through paid ads?

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Here’s how: Create an AdWords campaign on your competitor’s name. Then follow these 3 steps exactly: Bid on your competitor’s names. The bid is usually around $1 per click (depending on the name). Create an ad with this copy: Your Company vs. Competitor. Who’s Right For Your Business? Create a landing page that shows a […]

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